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KONSE - short for Carinthian State Conservatorium.
We are the leading educational institution for music and drama in Carinthia, Austria. Comparable to a university we offer studies for the careers as a professional musician or actor. Konse also offers courses as an adjunct to further qualifications.
Our Diplomas are based on and are the equivalent of those taken at universities in Austria, and are thus equally recognised legally.
Since 2007 KONSE also maintains a study co-operation with the Alpa Adria University of Klagenfurt.

The Conservatorium is located near the beautiful Wörthersee, where famous composers such as Gustav Mahler, Johannes Brahms, Alban Berg, Hugo Wolf and Anton von Webern wrote some of their masterpieces.
Konse is proud of its cooperation with renowned cultural and educational institutions in Carinthia (eg the Alpa Adria University Klagenfurt, Carinthian Opera Klagenfurt).
The Conservatorium professors are 75 artists and educators with national and international reputations. Each year, around 900 national and international students study at the Conservatorium.
Konse is especially proud of the fact that many of its students are from its neighbouring countries Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Germany. 


The studies, partly in collaboration with the Alpa Adria University of Klagenfurt include artistic, pedagogic and history subjects. One of our main priorities lies in instrumental and vocal training in ensemble and chamber music settings.
Drama and elementary music education (EMP) are also developed to the highest professional levels.
Each study (classical, jazz, folk and EMP) also offer artistic study projects such as orchestra, big band, opera, choral, early music and recording studio productions.
In addition, professional qualifications in courses and seminars can be acquired.
Talented children aged four or five are involved in the elementary music program with singing, movement and playing.


Theme "Bachelors Degree – Masters Degree"

Under careful consideration of the career requisites and entrance into the career as a pro-
fessional performing artist is it clear that a Bachelor Degree is not the most important re-
quirement, but actually the standard of performance technically and artistically of the artist.
Therefore our Institute has striven to obtain the best possible national and international artists
and pedagogues as our Professorial staff. Our studies contain a high percentage of stage performance and lead directly to performing arts with sufficient pedagogic studies to obtain teaching positions nationally and internationally.

Instrumental and vocal pedagogy (IGP)

Konse offers an instrumental or vocal pedagogic Diploma which offers the flexibility to tailor courses to the educational requirements in schools, at the present moment this flexibility is not present at the Universities. Our students have seen the benefits of our Diploma and Educational Institutions value it highly.

OUR WAY - aware of the changes

We are of course aware that many, for whatever reason, are not able to establish themselves as a professional performing artist, or have decided to pursue another direction in the arts industry. The requisites have changed dramatically over the past twenty years and we have responded accordingly.
In 2003, discussions were held with the Alpe Adria University Klagenfurt with the goal being to establish a Bachelor Degree in Musicology, (AmuWi) to create more job opportunities for instrumental students based on their acquired skills in combination with Musicology. This study is to expand students’ possibilities without the need to switch studies and lose time.
Thanks to the versatility of both Institutes in 2007 the track was set for the inception of this new study. Prerequisite for this is also a strong instrumental background.

Recent experiences confirm us both a great interest in this new cooperative study (AMuWi) as well as the correct cooperative support of Performance and Musicology.
The study is certainly demanding (as is IGP or Artistic Diploma),but widens the possibilities to enter more specialist fields of music such as Music management or Music Journalism etc and still have a basis in music performance.

And yet there are even more possibilities

Nevertheless, Konse is a state accredited tertiary Institution whose qualifications are recognized throughout Europe. All tertiary conservatorium studies are recognised as are those from Music Universities by the State (paragraph 78 University laws 2002).
Tertiary students at both Institutions are supported by the State.
It is therefore possible for students to change between Institutions without problems.
Since 2008 the possibility also exists to complete a musicology thesis at Konse thus allowing the acceptance to a Bachelor Degree (paragraph 78 University law 2002, acceptance of examinations).

KONSE can be proud of our many successes that extend far beyond our borders. These successes are due in part to our selection and early training of gifted young musicians (aged between 5 and 16) and teamwork with the Carinthian Music school system.

We are actively engaged helping students obtain what is necessary for further studies at other institutions(supplements, thesis etc) and occupational assistance where possible.
We hold in high esteem our colleagues from other Institutes nationally and internationally (we know how much work and effort goes into every Artist). This as we all know often goes without mention, but goes undoubtedly into the cultural backbone of an Artist.
We at Konse are happy to invest the necessary effort to this end.

In any case - Welcome!

We hope these explanations may help in the decision to choose which direction of musical study to follow, and to shed light on the philosophy of our Institution. The most important factor in our Institution is the student.
It is with this in mind that we welcome all students to our Conservatorium.

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